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So what is it like to go on an adventure with HikeSnob Linda and HikeSnob Alice?

Etesti eve.jpgvelyn R.
From early morning hikes, to traveling to Mexico for a day, to off-roading, it’s never a dull moment with HikeSnobs. With Linda’s fearless attitude and Alice’s sweet smile, how can you not join their adventures?! They push you to reach your full potential, and they are pretty convincing. At the end of each hike, not only do you enjoy your time with the girls but you also get to experience NATURE. I’m telling you, HikeSnobs find places I’ve overlooked in even the busiest of all cities! Can I get an AMEN?! *insert female raising the roof emoji*

testi diego.jpg

Diego S.
I like nature, but I was never much of a hiker. I know Linda is a thrill-seeker, so I was a little wary about what I was getting myself into, but I had nothing to worry about. She always explained the trails to me beforehand and, although she pushed me to try new things, she never forced me to do anything I was uncomfortable with. Most of the time I was happy to snap the photos from a safe distance while she and Alice climbed some terrifying obstacle. I always have a great time with HikeSnobs!

testi sha.jpgShaheena S.
I love hiking! They always pick great spots to hike to and we end up with a funny story to share at the end. The craziest thing that has ever happened when hiking with Linda was when we hitch-hiked back to the trail on Highway 1 after getting lost in Marin… Completing a hike with them makes me feel refreshed and accomplished! I would totally go on a trip with them again, they need to invite me more πŸ™‚

Megan L.testi megan.jpg
The hikes with HikeSnobs aren’t necessarily hard, but they are kind of crazy sometimes. When we’re not sitting on the roof of a moving car or bouldering on the side of a highway, the trips can be pretty chill and drama-free which I appreciate. One of my best memories would probably be when Linda and I ditched our mom in search of the Ho Chi Minh trail but failed to do so, so we just ended up scaling up the side of a cliff. Being my older sister, Linda makes me go on adventures with them but good thing I enjoy them.

testi peter.jpgPeter S.
Being a HikeSnobs’ boyfriend is not an easy job. Alice is constantly “forcing” me to go on crazy adventures and hikes with her. The most insane trip with the HikeSnobs had to be our Death Valley Road trip. We spent 3 days in 100+ degree weather with a leaky gasoline tank exploring every single crevice of the desert. Needless to say, it was quite an adventure.

Natasha A.testi tashy.jpg
I really enjoy hiking but I don’t really know where to go. Linda invited me on a hike and she hikes A LOT so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. She assured me that I could handle it and that I could go at my own pace. Linda’s pictures always makes me envious that she is out in nature while I’m just sitting on my couch so I was excited to hike with her. She’s also just a fun person so I knew it would be a good time! I would absolutely go on another trip with HikeSnobs. It’s a great way to get outside and explore with great people!

Hang T.testi hang.jpg
Going on a hike with HikeSnobs doesn’t mean you’re going to just one place. They always have an itinerary of multiple places to visit in one geographical region. When Linda visited me in Wisconsin, she had a whole trip planned for 3 states in 1 day! Not only did we conquer the 3 states, but we were able to hike and enjoy the scenery and food too. With Linda’s ambitious and detailed itinerary, it definitely made for a great night’s rest. I can’t wait for more trips with them!

Amanda H.testi amanda.jpg
I’ll never forget the moment my sister forced me to go on a HikeSnobs’ Santa Barbara roadtrip where it ended with me going on 5 hikes in a DAY and vomiting upon exiting the car. What a memorable day for myself, HikeSnobs AND those restaurant-goers who were lucky enough to witness my puke.


testi ricky.jpgRicardo M.
You know what I like about their trips? That I don’t have to do anything except go.



testi greg.jpgGreg F.
HikeSnobs are so much fun to hang with. Girls can be pretty dramatic and these two are probably the most easy-going and spontaneous people I’ve ever met. Their creativity never ceases to amaze me and the lengths they go to get the perfect picture of a hike is hilarious sometimes. They are tough motherf**kers too. On one hike to Big Basin, Alice had a healing sprained ankle and Linda suffered a sprained ankle that day and were still able to complete the hike! Nothing stops these two from completing their goal.

testi hayley.jpgHayley O.
I like rocks.




Angela H.testi angela.jpg
HikeSnobs are definitely good company while hiking, even with all the β€œrisks” their trips may include. There is never a dull moment with these two even during nice calm hikes or hikes where I picture my life flashing before my eyes. Their hikes are incredibly well-planned; arrival/departure, next destination, best time to hike at that location, daylight hours, etc are all included so they can make the most of each day. Even with all the planning, I still never know what to expect when hiking with them. Some hikes are nice and easy, while others test our limits especially mine. They are very aware of your limits and they will motivate you to finish because they know you can do it even when you don’t think you can.

unnamed.jpgThin P.
16 hours trapped in snow and 16 hours hiking up Half Dome… Don’t know which was worse πŸ˜‚ Hiking with HikeSnobs is an adventure before we even get to the adventures of the hike itself. Nothing will stop these 2 ladies from accomplishing their tasks no matter what obstacles come their way. When you hike with HikeSnobs, you never know what to expect other than doing more than just 1 hike and not taking it easy πŸ˜†

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  • We’re really not THAT crazy… πŸ˜›


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15 thoughts on “Hiking with HikeSnobs

      1. Hello! I gotta be in Washington on the 31 of May and am heading out west from Florida now. I am thinking about stopping in Cali! Do you guys want to go out on a hike?


      2. Hi there! We would love to but we’ll be in Zion and Page, Arizona that weekend 😦 if you do head out to California let us know if you need some recommendations.


      3. Shucks, iight. Thank you, but I’ll probably just check out places along the way to Washington. Have a good time!


    1. I’m glad you landed on our page! Thanks for the recommendation we’ll have to check it out. We are located in SF & LA and we travel back and forth a lot. Feel free to join us one of these days! Or we can join you. πŸ˜€


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