Panther Falls

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Visited: April 22, 2017

Description: Gorgeous 130-ft waterfall in Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Length: 0.4 miles

Elevation: 200 feet

Duration: 15 min

Difficulty: Easy

Pets: Dog-friendly

Parking: Side of road

Best time to go: Anytime, winter might be difficult though

Bring: Camera

Panther Creek Falls was supposed to be one of the easiest hikes that weekend… Little did we know this would be the most grueling 0.4 miles we’ve ever experienced. Don’t get us wrong, this hike is super easy, but we broke ourselves before we even got there. 🤕😵

To give you some background, we flew to Portland for a weekend and decided to go on a “waterfall challenge.” We had 3 days to hike the area and find as many waterfalls as we could.

Hiking stats:
Day 1 (complete): 22.6 miles + 14 waterfalls
Day 2 (so far): 9.2 miles + 6 waterfalls

Just half way through Day 2 and we were feeeeeeling the strain of 30+ miles on our poor knees. Linda’s left knee and Alice’s right knee were feeling things we didn’t know we could feel (Is this what getting old feels like!?!?!?). Together we made one fully functional person and one completely broken person. We joked about tying our bad legs together to make things easier 👯😅

Finding Panther Creek Falls shouldn’t be hard. Look out for the cars parked on the right side of the road. Before we even started the hike, we had to give ourselves a pep talk just to get out of the car. We could barely get out without groaning in pain.


From the parking spot, walk back towards the road you drove on. Just a few short feet away you should see a trail leading you down to the falls on your right side.


We limped our way down the short 0.2 miles. The incline wasn’t bad at all but our knees were so stiff and the pain was unbearable. We knew we looked completely ridiculous and most of all, we felt f*cking PATHETIC…


C’mon we are HikeSnobs after all, why was this so incredibly difficult right now? We didn’t even feel this type of pain after Half Dome.

After the 5 longest minutes went by, we made it to Panther Creek Falls overlook. With the way our faces looked at the end, it seemed like we just hiked 30 miles from the car. It was almost laughable at that point.


The falls were so gorgeous but it was hard for us to truly enjoy them. We really wanted to hike down the base and see the falls head on. We were told it was a tight scramble down and could be dangerous so we decided against it. Our bodies were spent and we still had one more waterfall to go see… (don’t judge us — its an addiction🙈🙈)

Panther Creek Falls, this isn’t over! We’ll be back!!!


@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • Sorry for how much we whined in this article, this hike is really a piece of cake if you aren’t injured.

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4 thoughts on “Panther Falls

  1. Do you guys roll out after hard hikes? If not, take a portable roller and role out those IT bands. They are probably super tight from inclines and such. But yes…that’s what getting old feels like. hahaha. (I’m 45)

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