Glass Beach, Fort Bragg

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Visited: November 27, 2015

Description: Sea glass created from being a former city trash dump site

Length: 0.25 mile walk to the beach

Duration: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Maintained paved trail, glass and rocky beach.

Parking: Lot

Pets: Dogs on leash

Best time to go: Anytime

Bring: Camera

Glass Beach in Fort Bragg was our first stop for our girls’ roadtrip during Thanksgiving weekend in 2015. We left San Francisco around 3am and arrived at the beach at 6:30am. We set off into the freezing morning to find our destination.

Following the trail from the parking lot to the trail, you’ll spot a sign at the end letting you know the easy trail is to the right and the difficult trail is to the left.


Without a word, we automatically turned left. We knew the difficult trail should have more glass on the beach.

Following along the trail, we soon spotted an opening on the right and stairs leading down to the beach. Surprised by the not-at-all “difficult” route, we followed the stairs down.


We’ve read many articles saying there’s hardly any glass left on the beach because people kept taking them so we were hoping it wasn’t too bad. Once we reached the beach, we were not disappointed at all.




Previously a dump site, years and years of pounding waves broke down the glass that was left on the beach after various cleanup programs. From trash to treasure, Glass Beach is definitely worth a visit. 

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • No glass collecting!

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