Chimney Beach

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Visited: September 3rd, 2016

Description: Easy walk to a beautiful beach in Tahoe

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Length: About 1 mile one way

Elevation: ~300 ft elevation change

Duration: 30 minutes or more, depending if you chill at the beach or not

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Dirt and sandy path

Pets: Dogs allowed

Parking: Parking lot or roadside

Best time to go: Depends on if you want solitude or

Bring: Water, beach gear

It’s summer and beaches have been PACKED! Chimney Beach is no different. What’s so special about Chimney Beach? We hope you figured it out just by the name… If not, we won’t judge your intelligence. The beach is named after the stone chimney that still remains on the lakeshore, a remnant of the caretaker’s cabin that once stood there.

After parking on the side of the road because Sand Harbor parking lot was full, you can walk into the parking lot and find the trailhead to the beach.

With a few switchbacks, the trail is pretty easy to follow. Easy is perfect when you’re carrying beach gear!

Within 10 minutes, we spotted the beach… and the crowd.

If you want to find the actual “chimney,” walk farther toward the boulders and you’ll be able to spot it no problem. Just don’t try to build a fire in it.

Once you’ve completed your mission, relax and take in the Tahoe sun and refreshingly chilly waters! It’s too beautiful not to enjoy 😀

@HikeSnobs Tips:

  • Be sure to remember the trail to the beach… We got a bit lost leaving but eventually found our way back😅

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